Only one more semester to go.It was like only now I joined the college (The same old exclamation.But believe , I really feel it).Days are passing at a rapid pace, but my purpose of gaining knowledge and learning are not in a sync with it.Day by day, the routine I adopt kills my time in an ever increasing manner.I fear that the urge to know something about the course we learn,volenteership quality , effective contribution to the groups I belong are coming down drastically. This last working day of 7th sem had taught me a good lesson, when my software testing mam pointed at me and caught me red-handed for being in a dream land while she was teaching.At that moment I took an oath of listening and participating effectively in classes and also in other activities.But oaths are always meant for breaking.The very next hour, I broke it. Now am trying to reorder and stick those pieces together to revive my oath.Hope I will succeed.

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25 September 2009

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