Today Eric Cornell,a Nobel laureate in the field of physics, visited our college and had interactions with the students, staffs and industry persons.It was really amazing to see a Nobel laureate in our college campus. The college was made upside down, with lots of security, lots of care for infrastructure and etc. His stay at Madurai, I suppose would continue for another day. Hmm. really exciting.

TCE, recently, is making large steps forward in its process of development such as tie up with yahoo, Nobel laureate visit, higher-end projects with fantastic scope, visit of Australian university professors and much much more. This list of mine was confined to only our department,CSE (of course, Eric is not confined to our dept :-) ) . I don’t have knowledge about what’s happening in other departments. But I am sure that there are lots of activities going on in parallel.

Thus TCE is making no mistake and it’s stepping up in the right direction of being one of the world’s most recognized colleges.I am happy that I am a part of this esteemed institution.

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23 September 2009

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