I often see parents having the score card of their wards and questioning them by comparing with other students. Also we can see people getting frustrated for not being able to do something as good as their neighbors do. People tend to measure their potential by keeping their neighbors as their yardstick, forgetting that in something else they can be a measurement criteria. Ya, according to a psychologist named Howard Gardner intelligence is not all about IQ. There are about 7 types of intelligence – linguistic based, logical ability, interpersonal and intrapersonal, bodily intelligence, musical and spatial (involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and area). Everyone has a profound command over any of these qualities(not necessarily only one). So, its all about nurturing the one in which we are at ease. So, next time if you are going to take any decision about your career or you are worried about your current state, think of this and identify your area and expand your area of influence.(But quite a difficult task :-P )

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22 September 2009

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