Recently I studied an article about Japan’s form of governance.I learned that in Japan, bureaucrats enjoy highest power in the society than the politicians for more than a century. All the policy formulation and administration are done by them.The politicians are kept in check, so that they are not supposed to cross their line. With the help of the bureaucrats, the Liberal Democratic party of Japan has been ruling for about 4 decades. Though they enjoy this much of enormous power, they are not so much corrupted as their counterparts are as in India.They are united to such an extent that if any party jeopardize their powers in Japan, they pose stiff resistance and throw the party out of power. Only recently their existence as supremo is being endangered. Ok. Forget about Japan. My opinion is, here in India we need this form of society, where the bureaucrats are given the deserved respect and command and politicians are kept secondary. Since, the bureaucrats in India are well educated and are recruited by tough process, I am sure that, if they are given much importance and respect and also the power, they will not be as corrupted as they do presently.

Present form of government, where, well educated bureaucrats are kept secondary to politicians, is not going to pay and our dreams of becoming a world power lie on the far end of the road.

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26 August 2009

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