Seiger, our department non technical event had successfully been conducted. Though there were a tinge of dissatisfaction for all of us due to various problems, the whole day went in an enjoyable manner.

The events were supposed to start by 9.00 am. But the halls were opened only by 9.15 am, which caused one of the 1st disatisfaction. I was the coordinator for “ship wreck” event.Actually we finalized topics only by 9.00 am. But it went smoothly.

The other events , which I watched were group signing,jam and slow biking. All these events went as expected.Many of the songs, which are close to my heart, were sung beautifully by the contestants.Enjoyed watching those.

The main events foot loose, variety show and group dance were awesome. But unfortunately we were forced to windup by 4.00 pm itself due to the power cut and so the skit was dropped and also one team had to dance without speakers.By this, many of the good efforts of the participants went useless.Anyways, problems are always there and we should not be frustrated by those.I think this is the message we have to learn from this experience :-)

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22 August 2009

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