Finally.. I managed to get my domain up and running. It took a long 2 months for finishing this website.So, for these 2 months, I learned a lot of things like managing the domain, setting up google apps and google analytics, learning rails etc.

Still there are lots of stuffs to be done.Am looking forward to do that.Some of them are - adding twitter updates for each blog post, making the banner look better (presently i suppose it looks better in lcd) etc.

I have deployed this site in heroku with a single dyno.So am presently availing the free service provided by heroku.Am not sure about the performance it would offer.So should consider a switch over if any mishap occurs.

At this time I would like to thank Madangopal for helping me to get this site up.Without him it would have taken much longer.Thanks buddy :)

BTW, am looking for your genuine feedback.I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks.Will catch you soon in my next blog post :)

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07 March 2011

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