I don’t want to start this post with a traditional “It has been long since i updated my blog” kinda statement :-P .To be direct to the point, I would like to say that I have been on the move for the past 1 month, leading literally a nomadic life, roaming from Gurgaon to Shimla and from there  to madurai and then to bangalore (actually visiting each place twice while traveling :P ).In this post I am going to deal about my short stay in the “Summer capital of India” rather than any other place, since it turned out to be a surprised and unexpected visit.

It was oct 14th, when I was supposed to give java test on the next day, when a mail came titled ‘Meeting on local onsite/training from oct 16′.It was on 16th I booked ticket to mdu. We all froze on seeing the mail.We were literally shaken by the long, almost 4 months, training.And now ‘God!! Not another training’ kind of reaction we all had.The meeting was supposed to be by 2’0 clock and we had some 1 hr from the time we received the mail. That 1hr was the one I will never forget for all my friends and I were engaged in a hottest discussion I ever had.Everyone were raising queries,wits and anger on these words ‘onsite’ and ‘training’, since we were too confused about those two.The discussion was due to the impression that everyone would be home by that sunday.

Then a team of 3 ppl came and explained that we have to work on MNP(Mobile Number Portability) for the client MTS and asked us to select a place from shimla/kashmir/assam/etc. I chose shimla and was put up ,to the *trip* :-) , with a friend with same name and who has been with me for past 4yrs and around 4months (enna koduma sir idhu. Ippavaadhu vera yaarodayaavadhu podunga.Ivanodaiye evlo naal irukuradhu :-P ).We started the next day morning 5.30 a.m.

Himachal is a state of mountain. The entire mountain has been occupied by people. The journey through the mountain will surely reveal this.We pierced through the mountain roads with chillness starting to enter every cell of our body. It was a long journey.You would have the feeling of traveling 10kms, yet the sign boards show you that you only traveled 2kms or so.After such a long journey we reached the hotel by 6.00 p.m.

On reaching, the first thing we noticed is that you have to trek through your way from the hotel to the bus stop or any shop. We had tough time climbing the road.The next thing I have to mention is the climate, without which shimla is incomplete.We had no sweater nor jerkins.We had no clue about what was the temperature there.It was cold like anything.Yet we wandered with normal clothing.Then out of inquisitiveness when we googled about the temp,we came to know that it was around 15 degrees. OMG! We are then forced to buy jerkins and stuffs.

We obediently worked for the client( :-) ) all days (even Saturdays and Sundays).One sunday we managed to escape from work and had a nice outing.We went to Summer hills and Jakhu temple.In the summer hills there was one building which was built by some british viceroy for they used to come there during summer season. And there i learned that one viceroy (I forgot the name) named Shimla as the  Summer capital of India. They had a seminar hall, where many important paper presentations were held, a library which was in british days was a party hall :-) and a room where precious photos were kept.After finishing that we started to Jakhu temple, which was ( I would say) the peak of shimla(maybe its true). We started going up and up and up and when we reached there, it was like we were almost into heaven directly through a car.It was in such an altitude.The temperature would have been surely around 10 degrees.There we had nice time in the temple,with calmness with you and ofcourse  with monkeys all the way with you :-).Overall it was an unforgettable trip.

The *trip* to shimla ended by oct 27th and the return jouney from shimla to gurgaon and to blr to mdu was a hectic one, visiting all these places in just a single day.

Now I have been posted in bangalore, which is undoubtedly a fantastic city.Am on all the verge of exploring it completely.Will get back to you when finished exploring :)

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21 November 2010

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