Have you ever heard anybody saying anything special about Dosas of Madurai? Well if you haven’t, then now hear it from me.Until I came to Gurgaon, I too believed that Madurai is famous only for Jasmine. But believe me, if you keep on hearing and  tasting roti and dal (also when occasionally some north indian provides you some south indian food), then you will crave for dosas and idlys. It was 9.00 p.m, when I left my office (don’t think i was working till that time.I had someother busy schedules, like browsing, than office works :) ).I was very hungry by that time.Also my hunger surmounted when I thought of the roti, sabji and dal which was provided in our pg. I decided to taste some south indian food.So me along with my friends went to Sector 22 (keep note of this if you are planning to come to Gurgaon) where my other friends already tasted that food. It was around 9.15.With a sort of doubt, whether the shop will be opened, we started.On reaching that place, one of my friends who saw the shop opened, got exited and informed us.We all, literally ran (I mean it) to the shop. There I saw this title “Madurai Dosa”. Till then I didn’t have heard anything like that. I saw it as a kind of “Marketing” strategy.Whatever it may be the title surely attracted us. It gave a tinge of homely feeling.We ordered 4 dosas, 4 uttapams and 2 idlys. To tell the truth Uttapam was not as good as dosa.But still, for the only reason of the shop being kept by a Madurai-ian, our heart went beyond tastes, costs and the like.

I have to tell about the shop and its owners.The shop was very little with no roofs. The owners seemed to have wrongly ended up there. You may ask what it mean. It means that once you go there, there may rise a question in your mind.Why the hell they have to come to Gurgaon all the way from Madurai to keep a Dosa shop? Is it that they are trying to popularize Madurai Dosa in the North?? Absolutely not – is the answer you may get. Well, according to me, they would have ended up there because of a crisis.Or they may have come with a dream in mind. If the second one is the answer, then surely they would have undergone a crisis, which would have prevented them from reaching their goal, and ended up in a Dosa shop.Whatever it may be there should have been a crisis in their life.This is the answer my mind concluded. And having concluded the hypothetical situation, I myself wondered how they are energetic and enthusiastic, amidst the bad past, and working out the life the way they want, without sitting and weeping.That conclusion actually gave a boast to me.It encouraged me. It reemphasised me that “not to panic whatever may be the situation” ( a good quote I heard from one simple man).The backgound story which I imagined maybe absolutely wrong.Or it may also be a good guess.Never matter.The outcome is a good moral and message which I carried.Hopefully I carry it everywhere.


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14 August 2010

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