People used to be afraid for not so important things or insignificant things. But when it becomes a mania for being afraid of certain things, then it is a phobia. People who have mania for researching different types of phobias, have identified following phobias.

Aerophobia – fear for air
Ailurophobia – fear for cats
amathophobia – fear for dust
amaxophobia – fear for travel in vehicle 
androphobia -fear for men
astrophobia – fear for thunder
bibliophobia – fear for books
acrophobia – fear for height
claustrophobia – fear of being in closed room
demonophobia – fear for ghosts
ergophobia – fear for work
gynophobia – fear for woman
erythrophobia – fear for red color
haemophobia – fear for blood
hydrophobia – fear for water
lalophobia – stage fear
monophobia – fear of being alone
mysophobia – fear of uncleanliness
necrophobia – fear for death
neophobia – fear for anything new
panophobia – fear for everything
pathophobia – fear for disease
pyrophobia – fear for fire
sitophobia – fear for food
kaidophobia – fear for number 13
xenophobia – fear for stranger
zoophobia – fear for animals
nictophobia – fear for darkness
photophobia – fear for light

hoof… finished typing.

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21 August 2009

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