I think its time to say that now am a software professional(You should believe me because i am blogging from my office now :-) ). I have been posted in a branch at Gurgaon for undergoing training.So I am actually into a new world both in lifestyle terms (college to company) and also in geographic terms (Madurai to Gurgaon). I would like to brief the geographic change. First of all when I boarded the train for Delhi, I started hearing Hindi.Even though there were Tamil people, I needed a translator for interacting with those pantry-walas.As the train moved, the intensity of Tamil ‘air’ reduced gradually.The second big thing is the one which all expects – the food.The moment I entered the train I thought I was surrounded by chappatis and dals and of course occasionally rice.But I got used to it in couple of days.

To say about Gurgaon, its a good city(if you dont go into interior part of it :-) ) about 20 kms away from Delhi.I stay in  an area called Palam Vihar, an area with full of rich people.You cant see any 2 wheelers there.But you can see BMWs and Honda citys anytime and anywhere.The houses were built artistically.The roadways layout were well organised.Yet you can see heavy traffic most of the times.

I have nothing to say about my company life since I hadn’t yet really started it.But no matter.. Its time to change my ‘About’ page :-P

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02 July 2010

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