Today I had a different experience with a government office.For some recent months, my impression about our government offices has been constantly in the downward slope particularly because of my own small experiences and vastly heard opinions.But today I had a totally different experience in a particular aspect and this went to an extent of creating a soft corner (and again in that aspect only :-) ).

Today by morning 10.30 a.m I went to RTO office for obtaining LLR. Since I went through a driving school, the person, who accompanied us from the driving school, gave us directions and we obeyed those.As per his directions, we (I and my friend) entered a room for attending a class before actually starting any application verification process.And there they actually impressed me.We actually entered when the class had already started and we were there just for 15 minutes.

When we entered, the person presiding the class was talking about the signboards that anyone can encounter at roadside. I may provide here a precise version of his talk(although highly inaccurate)..

“So.. these are the signboards that one can found.U have to actually strictly follow these rules to avoid accidents at the maximum.So, one may ask whether following these strictly may refrain us from accidents?? shall we?? absolutely not.The person who are driving at the opposite end may be in a wrong side.Surely persons like lorry drivers, courier vans etc.. will not follow these, since they had to deliver the products at time..So accidents are unavoidable.But surely we can reduce its rate by properly following these rules.At Madurai,last year about 47 people had died.In India for every minute we are having about 15 accidents.Its in our hands to protect us.So have a safe drive.Don’t use mobile phones while driving.Don’t go over-speed…”

And the interesting part..

“This is all about driving. And I have couple of things before leaving.U all know about AIDS. Its spread by HIV.Its not that disciplined people will not be affected by HIV and careless people will be affected.The virus will not reside in one’s sweat, drool etc.So we ll not be affected by touching or playing with affected people and the like.It may spread if we use unsterilized needles, another person’s razor for shaving and if by any means we use to get in touch with the blood of affected people.So again its in our hands to protect us..”

and again….

” The 3rd thing is that people are badly in need of water and food.We rely on it. So its our duty to keep our environment green.Please plant trees frequently.It will be of utmost use to us.

So before concluding.. Its important and our duty to make..

- accident-less India

- AIDS-less India &

- Green India “

Isn’t it impressive??? An organization making people aware of things that’s completely unrelated to it.Even though everyone knows about this, we may miss these at times.A constant reminder is better.By making this post, I made myself not to forget it atleast for next few days.So it may remain in me for another some time and so in you too, I suppose.

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14 May 2010

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