Today I was totally inspired of downloading a song I least heard of and also least cared about.All these years I didn’t mind about what that song was and what its lyric was.I haven’t even seen the film.But today, I was constantly thinking of downloading it and to know what does the song contain. May be I may have heard it anywhere yesterday or the day before and because of that it may have resided constantly in my subconscious.I am talking about ‘acham thavir’ song from Anjadhe.

அச்சம் தவிர்      நய்யப் புடை
மானம் போற்று    ரவுத்திரம் பழகு

ஆண்மை தவறேல்      தாழ்ந்து நடவேல்
சூரரை போற்று        தீயோர்க்கு அஞ்சேல்


ஓய்தல் ஒழி    நேர்பட பேசு
தாழ்ந்து நடவேல்    சாவதற்கு அஞ்சேல்

காலம் அழியேல்    கீழோர்க்கு அஞ்சேல்
போர் தொழில் பழகு    தோல்வியில் கலங்கேல்

புதியன விரும்பு     வீரியம் பெருக்கு
கெடுப்பது சோர்வு      உண்மைக்கு அஞ்சேல்

வெடிப்பற பேசு       நன்று கருது
வவ்வுதல் நீக்கு      தவத்தினை நிரப்பு நீ

கற்றது ஒழுகு      கைத்தொழில் போற்று
சேர்க்கை அழியேல்      பேய்களுக்கு அஞ்சேல்

ஞாயிறு போற்று     மந்திரம் வலிமை
சவுரியம் தகுமே   எல்லாம் மெய் செய்
நாள் எல்லாம் மெய் செய்

Surely it took some research and help from my Mom to find the meaning of some of the words. Once I found the meaning of those difficult(for me) words, I was able to appreciate it.I see some orderliness in those words.There is a discipline involved in it.Maybe the true nature of  செந்தமிழ் is to imbibe this orderliness into the language.Of course it is one of the very target of any language to devise words that perfectly suits every occasion.I often wondered why the hell we have ‘n’ no.of words for which we can find the same meaning in the dictionary and I subsequently understand that words describe situations.They portray one’s idea.They tell how deep your mind is.

But sadly today, we lack this knowledge of words. Our slang goes progressively shallow. We often intend to be on the side of shallow and easy words. We often care less to truly spread our idea. We are not able to really appreciate the heaviness and beauty that’s embedded in any word and eventually we find ourself  running short of words at the time when we need it badly.You can easily find evidence for this today.Every time you hear a person from Chennai,Madurai or Tirunelveli from his local diction, you can easily witness how shallow their language is. They may be loud enough than any other people but still they will not transfer their mind effectively.why is it so? According to me its because their wrong choice of words, their slang (which is adulterated from the original) and wrong use of stress and strains of the language (i mean the phonetics).

Surely I am not a language expert. Nor I myself use the words correctly.And also I am so used to the most adulterated forms which Tamil has taken in recent times.I may not overcome these.But surely I can say Tamil is far more powerful than how we use it today.I am sure we can express our extreme ideas of anger, sympathy,fear, love etc..  with much clarity than we could imagine.And to finally say.. surely we are missing the royal nature of Tamil…

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12 May 2010

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