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Ya.. ‘My college life’ is a compiled version of my association with TCE for the past 4 years. This post of mine will be in my point of view and not of any others’.

On the day of August 09 2006, I joined TCE. At that first visit, my father accompanied me for locating classes and also to have a glance of the college. I was little worried at that time about how am I going to survive and the like, even though many of my school mates were placed here. On the other hand, there is a burning passion for getting into the college and find out whats really there in here. My first impression of the college is that I thought I entered into a maze.For a couple of days I couldn’t find out through which way I entered and exited. On the 1st day, I got into ‘G’ section, passing through the difficult path of  the maze, and to my surprise I found a couple of schoolmates with me. It gave me an ‘at home’ feeling. Throughout the college life I was blessed with a group around me. In the 1st sem – myself,Ramanujam,Lakshmi Narayanan, Ashok, Senthil and S.S.Venkatesh   were friends. We almost roam around as a single unit. Anyone can find us together at any time.In that short span of time we made good relationship.

Then I entered into my 2nd semester and found none. It was actually a difficult period of finding friends. But even though it took time, I was blessed with excellent friends whom I cannot forget throughout my entire life.We call ourselves as TCENet team as we worked in TCENet, an intranet web portal of our college.I didn’t get a chance to write in their AG note.But I would like to  say that they  guided me, helped me, advised me, accompanied me and hence shaped me. I remember studying organization behavior in which we had a topic called ‘group formation and group dynamics’. None of my friends will accept that I studied that part with my gang as a reference/an example(Neither they will accept I studied that subject :) ). We went through the entire process  exactly as it was stated in it. We initially had suspicions and also a verge to associate or find a place in the group.Then the degree of cohesiveness increased and we had extremely tough fights which had no personal attacks but genuine transparent ideas and opinions. We also had a variety of opinions almost all the times which is a primary cause for the quarrels (quarrels for others but is actually not).At the intermediate stage of cohesiveness we had many productive work  and our growth process was highly satisfactory.After that,as per group dynamics, the team has to disperse after its purpose is solved.Ah, yes. Now its time to disperse to  their corresponding paths.I feel really sad about this phase.Hmm. But its all part of life.I am really happy that everyone is blessed with unique character which are highly good in nature and I hope everyone sharpen it to reach great heights.

Now that I said about TCENet team.What’s my part in that? I started off as a newbie into the open source community(based on which TCENet is developed).My seniors taught me each and every step, which had a major impact on me.I contributed to some of the modules. One summer (I don’t know how) a rigorous process of testing the coding standards started. We had almost 100 mails per day in the mailing list. I cant forget that phase of my life. The testing process almost made me go crazy. But now I feel grateful for that bcoz as I am used to it, I may survive well in a company.

Then I have to say about NCC.I remember the 1st day in my NCC when I stood last in a row of 3. I learned how man management is done in any military organization. The motivational level of each and everyone is almost always high . They don’t let that go that easily.Being in NCC I attended 2 camps, 2 trekking camps etc., which I cant forget in my entire life, for they filled my life with rich experiences.I cant forget the munnar trekking where we, some 30 to 40, stood in a forest by 12 midnight with light only from cellphones and a single torch.Those days are still green in my eyes.

Having said those experiences I would like to say that I am going to leave TCE with a heavy heart…

Hmm.I assume you are alive if you reached this point of the post :-) .I think I have made 1st statement of the disclaimer to be false (Long passage). But I really cant do anything for the 2nd statement (The boring part :-) ).

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07 April 2010

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