Last Friday and Saturday I along with 20 of our college people, including staffs and students, attended the 13th SSE(Smart and Secure Environment) workshop at Anna university.  It turned out to be a mixed experience of disaster cum exiting one. Let me tell first whats the disaster part. We are supposed to make a demo of our final year project on Friday morning. For this, we just made a short demo for our college SSE people, a day before.It all turned out well on that day. That Friday morning, we poised of making the demo a success started our presentation.As we were running short of time, mam had told us to cut short our presentation and concentrate on demo.So we  followed it and rushed through the slides.The result is that none understood our concept. “Its okay.. Atleast we can make it in the demo” — I thought. With a high level of confidence I rolled my eyes over the nearby projector, where my teammate is executing the program which didn’t produced any result. We waited for 2 min… 5 min .. 8 min .. But the thing we expected never came. Nobody there understood anything.We could have made some fake comments and just could have posed as though we got it! But we didn’t do that.I don’t know why. At last we apologized for not obtaining the result which none understood/expected other than us and settled down.

That’s all about the disaster part of it.And now about the exciting part.At the 1st day evening, we went to Besant nagar beach.There we had a nice time of firing the balloons, horse riding, little play with sea water, little site seeing and of coarse munching.The next day we had a very good time with my first visit to Spencer plaza.We shopped some books and dresses. I found window shopping most exciting there :-)

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28 March 2010

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