I have been thinking of writing about this post for quite a while. Recently, I have read an article ‘I feed on laughter; it acts like a medicinal herb for me’ on The Times of India, which doesn’t necessarily talks about the goodness of laughing or anything like that, but the title itself got me thinking of the way people use laughter as a tool to feel as if they are happy.

Surely laughing is one of the essential things for us to be happy and there is nothing wrong in feeding on laughter to feel better. But on that note , I think, we have to be careful on which our laughter feeds on.

Making others as prey and feeding your laughter is one of the things which degrades the quality and essential purpose of laughing. It just doesn’t feel real. There is a growing trend among the youngters now-a-days (or it has been for ages? I dont know) that they get together in a group and just make some random repeated purposeless comments on each other and laugh at their own, so called, jokes. Which might have started as a light teasing jokes would soon grow stronger and stronger, ending up in making jokes out of each others’ weaknesses, slinging mud on each other and ultimately ending up in exploiting each others’ position to make fun of.

The sad part is, once that kind of gathering disperse, there wouldn’t be any good takeaway. There wouldn’t be any memorable moment that you can think of and ‘smile’ at. Or worse, it could even create a negative impact in you.

I am not saying that having some fun time with a group of friends is wrong. Normal teasing jokes are always good and make us laugh. But the thing for us, is to be aware of the point when it gets stronger and endup to be no more lightweight jokes. If we are able to sense that point, then I believe we will be in a better position to divert from what is going to be pointless, shallow and unhealthy laugher session.

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14 September 2014

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