All these years music has been kept at a distance of several lightyears from my vicinity. Never in my life, I have been inclined to speak/think about music in any situation. The only thing I did with respect to music was admire it from a distance. If someone would ask “hey! Can you sing?” or “can you play so and so instrument?”, my swift answer would have been “oh no no. I have got no business in that area!”.

But recently, in a hope of reducing that distance, I have enrolled myself in a keyboard class ( like most of the music deprived people who, most probably after finishing their studies and landing at their 1st job, pursue (or atleast think of pursuing) a course in music.) Whatever it may be, just having enrolled in a class suddenly feels like the distance have been reduced (though may be only by some 0.01%) , it suddenly feels like you have got a pass/ticket to speak/think about it and it suddenly feels like you too can understand/comprehend it (though I am certain that much of these are not true).

Keeping all these arguments aside, coming to think of music, it could be generally classfied as good music or bad music. Those which pleases our ears are termed good and which turns out to be the other way round are termed bad. But only some turns out to be more than good. I wouldn’t like to term it with the degree of goodness it has got, but rather I would like to term them as just ‘right’ music or ‘obvious’ music. Nothing can be added and nothing can be removed. They would seem to be so ‘true’, so ‘obvious’, so ‘real’ that you will be able to recognize that music the moment you hear it (shall we say it to be synonymous to love at first sight? Too dramatic, I know ). It would feel like, yes! it was there everywhere and you have heard it many number of times. You dont have to hear it again and again. You dont have to try to memorize it. You dont have to try ot understand it. These will happen by itself. It would haunt you like a ghost. Even if some lyrics are associated with it and it turns out to be in a language other than your mother tongue, it wouldn’t make any difference. You would start thinking about it again and again and realise that you couldn’t stop. It would become a part of you.

And now, I would like to give some instances of what I consider to be obvious music. They are famous music, and some of them I came to know only very recently.

The first and foremost is the famous Für Elise by Beethoven. I wouldn’t have to say anything about this, as everybody knows this and it has the quality of speaking for itself.

The second one is Romance de amor , which is a spanish classical music. I have had a small excercise in my class which is a very bare minimum version of the piece. After trying it once, it was hard to turn it down.

And being impressed by Romance de amor, I was just googling with the key “de amor” to see if I am able to find any other good music. And to my surprise I did find one, Marriage d’amour . It was just impressive and made me listen to it very often.

Now that, these may not seem so obvious to some. It may even seem bad to few (I consider it to be very rare). Whatever! With this list of good music (obviously you cannot say it as obvious music everytime for practical purposes ), I hope I come to know many such great music and most importantly able to appreciate those.

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02 June 2013

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