It was one bad night among the every bad nights we had this summer. The temparature was too high for a night. It seemed the air had become too lazy to move around. It seemed the fans were swirling around with a buzzing sound just to make an attendance of their presence. My forehead was covered with droplets of sweat and seemed as though in few minutes it will form a flood in my face. To beat the heat, I tried to have a good face wash. With a tinge of expectation of getting rid of the heat, I turned the tap on and washed my face with water. Ouch! It felt as if someone had switched on the water heater in the morning and forgot to switch it of. Cursing the damn heat, I just enquired the people in my house, who were already discussing about bad weather conditions, the degree recorded that day. It was 43 degrees (Yes, you read it right). Gone are the days when 38 degrees are considered extreme hot, I thought. May be the effects of global warming, I thought. Who knows, may be some other reason. I haven’t given a thought about global warming and stuffs, but that heat made me do that.

Continuing my curses for the damn heat, I just came out of my house to check if still some air is left in the world or it had become a vaccum. Contrary to my expectations, I found perfect stillness. There were no signs of wind. I just started scanning the trees for witnessing some movements.But they too were still as though someone had made them to stand in an army parade and commanded them to be at attention. While my eyes were overlooking each and every tree, they just got rested on a coconut tree. I just followed the tree from bottom to top, to see if atleast its’ leaves make some movements to wake up the sleeping air.On reaching the top, my eyes just got fixed there for time more than usual. There it was. The moon. Looking strikingly beautiful in the vast black space out there. The angle was in such a way that, the moon appeared between the leaves of the coconut tree and two thin electric cable wires crossed the tree forming a boundary surrounding the moon. It looked as though a movie director, with his hands kept together (something like |_| shape :-P), is focusing a heroine’s face to see how beautiful it is. (Okay. May be a bad analogy :-P). At that time the stillness of the leaves haven’t bothered me. Actually if it had moved an inch it would have bothered me a lot. The stillness of the scene was its beauty.

I was in no mood to leave the beautiful night. I had wanted the feel of the scene to remain in my mind for atleast a few days. If I were a painter I would have swiftly painted the beauty with much care. If I were a poet, I would have captured the essence in a sweet poem.If I were a musician I would have composed a song in alignment with the scene. Since, I am none of these, I just decided to turn into a momentary photographer, with the tools at my disposal, and took a snap of the picture perfect moon along with the leaves and wires.

P.S: The photograph may not be that good :-P

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05 June 2012

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