And at last it came after a long wait. The 100th 100 (I know its a bit late to talk about this since the whole world has already blogged about this). But it seems for some people it came in a less positive note like (1) It came against bangladesh, (2) It came for around 147 balls (relatively less strike rate), and (3) India lost the match.And above all, the next thing people talk is about his retirement. There is no point in answering all these questions, bcoz whatever statistics you provide its not going to reach the polluted minds. I would just like to quote one of Sachin’s words, which he said while giving a press meet:

‘People who haven’t gone through this [the phase he experienced for getting the 100th 100], will only have questions and not answers’

Just try putting yourself in the shoes of the little master, before you try uttering a single negative word against this great man. You will at once realise that we are not even around 10% worth for criticising his abilities (Atleast not in his area of expertise).

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17 March 2012

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