It has been said that when you travel a lot, you will get rich experience.I don’t know in what sense it had been said, but for me whenever I travel I am forced to dwell in a deep thought seeing the things happening around me.Today is one of the days which brought me to the eyes of my consciousness about the sufferings of one section of people.

Today,as usual, I took a bus to my college.I got in through the 1st door of the bus and I found a seat in the 1st row and so I jumped to catch it, in which my neighboring seat was occupied.I found the man near me occupying 3/4th of the two seats and I just turned to tell him to move slightly, so that I could sit comfortably.Then I found that that man was visually impaired.I became dumb.I didn’t said anything to him.I don’t know why.I adjusted in the little place left for me.He seemed to have found that a man sat near him through the gentle touch we had.When Pasumalai stop came, he inquired me in which stop we were and I replied him.The next stop, in which he want to get down, arrived and I assured him that it arrived.He thanked me for replying and went past me.As it was the 1st row, he was supposed to take a left turn to get into the mouth of the exit.But he went right side and I helped him by holding his hands and changing his direction.Then again he missed the exit and thrashed in the seat near the door.Some people told to change his direction and he got down the steps without control, when he was about to dash a woman,who was just getting in.She went out of control and got down quickly.He somehow then managed to get down and went to the stop.

I was lost then.I felt empathy running through my nerves.I still remember my English teacher who once said the difference between sympathy and empathy.He said – sympathy is the one which last for that moment and empathy is the one which makes a lasting impression on you.Yes, I felt it.In the due course I thought myself to be lucky to be what I am.I imagined how they would visualize the world and how blank everything would me.I can’t even imagine it fully.But they are living with it.They are moving in a trust they have in this world.They live in imagination actually.

In the evening, when this experience struck me again, there aroused a thought which insisted me to donate eyes.I felt really proud of having though about it, which I was not used to actually.I don’t know whether I will be able to convince my parents and others, who may not be having such thoughts.But still, I have plenty of years and I hope a day will come that accomplishes this, so that the proud I had a while ago doesn’t get shattered.

I wrote this, since the persons I am referring to will not see this (and get depressed of being empathetic about them) and the persons who see it gives a thought about it.

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05 February 2010

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