Huh!! After a long 5 days of life without system at home , its now rejoicing to sit infront of the monitor(plz.,don’t see my last post). Especially it will be frustrating when you are not able to join or comment some person in the mailing list, that too during the period of hot discussion of about 76 mails.

Well I actually thought of posting about our independence day celebrations at our college, but unfortunately only now am able to post it.

This was my last independence day celebration at my college. Hmm.. A bit of nostalgia arises when thinking about my past 2 IDCs.Well, this time, first ever in the history of 4(TN) ENGR coy, girls have participated in the Guard drill and to everybody’s surprise commander is also a girl.They posted a good show at the celebrations.Hats off to them. Then coming to pilots, i was a bit disappointed b’coz this time we were not able to employ 4 main pilots.But the girls (girls dominated everything in this IDC ) who were selected, done a good job. Also the parade senior done his job perfectly.Overall everything went fine. Our Principal gave an inspiring speech to all the cadets.He stressed on the point that ncc students and everybody should involve themselves in social services activities.(sorry, I forgot rest of the thing he mentioned)

Then comes the comedy cum tragedy time.On that day itself we had mock interview conducted by our super seniors. Saikrishna came as interviewer for me. He posted a lot of questions like,

- where the variables of a program will be stored
- program for string reverse (of course an easy one)
- what type of OS is GNU/Linux
- system boot sequence etc…

I was able to manage some and manage from blabbering for others.But I cant stop my blabbering for few.

Well , that’s all for now. See you in the next post about our department non-technical event ‘SEIGER’.

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19 August 2009

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