Today is one of the important days of my college life.With almost a month remaining to bid farewell to our college, we celebrated Tecuthsav’10, the technical symposium of TCE. It all started with nice inaugural function, when we had a nice multimedia which portrayed the successes of almost all the students of the department.We had a detailed narration of the activities of the various SIGs (special interest groups) , projects and achievements in that multimedia.I hope it will stand as a good work, which will be used in later years also.

After that inaugural, I attended PaperAmus ( paper presentation contest) as one of the student jury.We had around 9 presentations.We were amazed at many of the ideas presented there and I found myself completely at sea for some of the papers,since the area of their presentation is new to me.But I learned a good deal of ideas there.At the end of the event, lunch time arrived and it is unnecessary to write about it :) .I had a nice lunch, when many of my friends were still waiting for plates, since there came a shortage of plates and food too :) .

By afternoon, movie mania contest started and for this the KS auditorium is almost full.I would say that the contestants had lived up to the expectations of the crowd.We had many interesting and fantastic short movies.Also we had a glimpse of hot debates that went on between the jury and the contestants.Overall it turned out to be a delight for me.

Last but not the least, for which we had been waiting for had arrived – our department cultural show.We got many fabulous performances, with solo songs from our juniors and dance performances from our class mates and also from juniors.We ended the CSE department’s Tecuthsav’10 with a nice party which was arranged by our general secretory, in which cakes ended up in the faces of many of my friends (I’m happy that one of my project mates was in that list :) ) .

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23 February 2010

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