Today morning, I was just lost in a deep thought of the matters, which the whole world pretends to research on and the so called great minds (probably philosophers) was making constant attempts to put down, in pen and papers, a set of objective terms for the abstract concepts of thoughts they envision.Yes, as in this world, every Tom, Dick and Harry has the right to tell what he thinks, and since blogs gives a nice way out for asynchronously multicasting the thoughts, I chose to write one, on the topic of real happiness.

I don’t know from where the thought came and where it ended up, but in the midst of it I found myself landing at Chennai for writing SNAP exam (Google it if you want to know about it. I am not going to deal about it here) on December 20. I was constantly thinking, of the way the exam would go and how should I allocate time and such things, the day before the exam.The test was scheduled by 2.00 p.m. and I was supposed to start to the exam center by 12.00 noon.I woke up from bed putting an end to all the dreams, which provoked my exam fever to great extent, and got ready by having the essential things (ofcourse tension is not the one that can be termed as essential :-) ) by 10 a.m. To my surprise, there came one of my brothers and sisters accompanied with their mom, to visit my uncle’s house.Wonder who they are? Just look down to have a look at them.Ya.. those cute little kids, who doesn’t seem to have any tension or regret or sense of fear or anger or future plans or at the least exam fear but happiness , are those I mentioned.I had been enjoying with them for full 2 hours, laughing and dancing with them, participating in their little fights and moderating it, taking snapshots and admiring their serious (yet witty for us) comments.For those 2 hours I just forgot that I was having an exam and I was supposed to be tensed.Actually my heart became light, happy in subconscious and I found that I was really enjoying.I was in no mood to leave the house to attend the exam.I wished I could stay there for another 2 or 3 hours.

Wishing that I could be there with them for another couple of hours, I came to understand why many people opt out of some deal, which promise great progress.There may be many things which may promise money or fame, but it cannot be cherished all alone without your near and dear ones.You may be ambitious and busy gathering all forms of things.You may be a President or a cine celebrity or a noble prize winner and maybe some 100 million people know you, but still you have to live with those 10 people around you.The amount of trust and the give and takepolicy we employ will really determine the amount we can grow and be happy.I thought, when I saw that flawless smile of those kids, why people always choose that difficult and ambiguous and often disturbing life when one have such a nice world out there.Why there be war and domination, why there be violence and why always people want to take something away from someone, when they can give a lot to others.Is that real happiness being a boss and ordering a subordinate or is that one if you can boast of yourself reaching pinnacle and getting applause?.Nope. Its all just a way by which we can make our presence in the world.They do elate us.But real happiness is to feel it in your each and every cell, and emitting it through your eyes and face (and not through any other forms of communication).It all happens just by giving.If I had 

thought of holding those kids on to my hands, they would have lost freedom.They wouldn’t have had those little fights or witty comments.I chose to become one of them, opted to just relax and watch those movements and speeches.At the end I just laughed, laughed and laughed.

Having the recap of that 2 hours experience and the running commentary I had in my inner-self, I gradually came to the world where I am and in due process the thought gradually faded.Just then, I started fighting with my mom for getting scolded for being in computer during breakfast time.Ah., now I realize that I just forgot most of the questions I posted above and so because of this the world is in the way as it is.


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13 February 2010

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