Everyone, who has been in Madurai for sometimes, knows about Madurai at daytime.We can easily witness the growing traffic (and of course pollution), the ever growing heat, which make us to think whether the sun is always exactly at the top of our heads like noon, the overflown buses and the ‘loud’ speakers with either a film song or a holy song of any of the Goddess.But night time Madurai, like any other ‘city’, is exactly opposite to its daytime counterpart. Yesterday, we (me and my friends) decided to have night lab, where we gather together to work at night.So, myself and my friend decided to meet each other at vasanth nagar stop by 10.30 p.m. I started from my home at 10.15 p.m.The moment I came out to the roads, I felt an unusual coolness, which you couldn’t  feel during daytime.I made my way to by-pass road by walk when,even though the roads are deserted only with few street dogs, I could see many houses still awake.I hope, like mine, every home rests only by late night.The strange loneliness in the roads made me to feel like the king of the road which ended up in me walking in the middle of the road.In the bus stop I was waiting for a share auto or a bus all alone.The by-pass road was still busy with every second a vehicle crossing me.I waited for enough time, but still the one I was expecting doesn’t came.One or two buses,with only 2 persons,  bypassed me.I had put my hands out but they didn’t stop ,which made me to realize then that they are moving to their sheds :) . At last a share auto with no men came and I  sat comfortably in it for the 1st time.There were no one to compete, no one to fight with or shout with.The journey to get into the auto was smooth. The speed of the auto with a gentle blossom of wind combined, made me to close my eyes and feel the wind.But shit, the stop I have to go, came just in minutes.There my friend came just then, with a phone in his ear as he usually does. A bus to Thiruparamkundram came and we rushed to stop the bus, as the driver may not notice us and may keep on going.The bus was empty with one of the lights on and the other off which may make anyone to doze off at seconds.When we reached our college, we both went into the college chatting.we saw lights brightening the bare roads which made me think of the sodium vapor lamps lighting the roads 2 years before.Those sodium vapor lamps actually make a golden color night at TCE which will be spectacular to have a look at.We at last left the beautiful night and got into the lab without any willingness to do so.I wish I could have another night lab just to experience again the splendor of that night travel.

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05 February 2010

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