My interests for books is like a monsoon rain which no one can predict when it will have a heavy downpour and when you can see dryness everywhere.Yet I have managed to read a couple of books and found them to be a good companion better than the computer screen. Out of some of the authors I have read and have been reading, I thought I could write about DanBrown and Chetan Bhagat because of my some experience with their books and contrasting qualities I had found between them.Ya, when we have a look at their works, we can find various differentiating nature in their styles. Dan Brown, a solid novelist (as far as I know), in all his works like to plunge into action in the 1st scene itself, where the hero may end up in the other part of the world in the next scene.That much is his sense of purpose, where you cannot see extra unwanted description or decorations and the full novel, which is just a portray of about 6 hours or one day,will have something special and important to say in each and every line.That one day novel will have several deadlines and it will be very fascinating to find how those deadlines are met and to our surprise each deadline will be of different type and color. Chetan Bhagat, on the other hand try to have a big picture of the life. It deals with months and years and they tell us how slow and gradual the change of pace of life is and rarely see any sudden breaks and twists and turns.He takes almost half of the novel to settle the way the novel goes and for that 1st half you cannot see anything big happening.However that half prepare us and take us to the more fascinating 2nd half.He depend, according to me, more on his imagination and understanding of the social structure and the thinking of the people of India.His works are down to earth and make you feel as though it is happening in your neighborhood unlike DanBrown’s, in which his choice of environment were big organizations like NASA,NSA and St.Peter’s Basilica.Actually DanBrown’s choice for his novels are correct because the novel, which depicts things that may not happen, make you think as though the things may happen and are realistic in nature because it involves these big organizations, where many will not have any association with and so no idea about.(Its simple to understand. We always think, big things happen in big organizations because we don’t have any experience with those org :) ) Thus the unrealistic seems realistic in DanBrown’s case.Also, unlike Chetan Bhagat, it seems as though Dan Brown  depend less on his imaginative terms because he zooms the technical content over imagination.The novels will clearly show the amount of work he had made on the subject he had chosen.Whereas in Chetan’s case you cannot see any special subject getting involved.Not that its bad.Its just his genre.But what I feel is that if he possess this quality of involving a subject than projecting moral and emotional contents, the intensity of the novel will definitely increase.Presently,I feel that the novels are lightweight and perfect for Indian pictures :-).While thinking about the subject they handle, I have to say that Chetan Bhagat in his novels had reserved a plenty of space for romantic stuffs.He had handled this as a separate subject and also with a great care that he didn’t forget to bring it to the foreground.But Dan Brown, even though will show that he had not forgotten the romantic part in infrequent places, he will handle it deliberately only in the end of the novel where there will be no surprises and sudden shocks.I mean to say that he will keep it in an out of focus fashion and as a means for giving happiness after a roar of distress  for readers and also for the characters :-P .But I think in this task he has something to learn from Chetan :-P .

Both Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat and also each and every writer have their own styles for sure.But I have just made an attempt to compare these great writers whom I have read, through their books and I don’t know whether it is correct to have this kind of comparison, but I just thought of writing how they are in my view.Surely opinions differ.

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01 February 2010

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