I was elated, when I stood before the majestic tricolor on the 61st republic day.This republic day turned out to be a pleasant surprise with the number of persons more than usual, partly because of a rally conducted by NSS. In this RDC, the overall strength of the cadets were more than usual and it was the 1st thing which surprised me :-)
The parade started 10 minutes late, at 8.10 a.m. There were 2 events this time- a flag march, which is an usual event and an event portraying the scenario of the Mumbai terror attack.It pictured the terror attack beautifully, which made the principal to comment instantly it as a “fabulous” performance.It pictured a scenario of terrorist attacking the common people and then army people ( who call themselves as TCE Task force ) come into picture and shoot down all the terrorists.The situation was made highly sophisticated with Roja film music :-) I think these cadets have done justice to the music.
After the parade, we were addressed by Major D.Stephen Jepaul. We had parents of some of the cadets who joined the session.He recalled how his association with NCC for 32 years was and how it shaped him.
Now its time for me too to recall how my association with NCC for past 4 years was, as it ends with this republic day.These 4 years turned out to be a nice experience, which will last forever with my life.

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27 January 2010

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