Government officials are dogmatic.Yes, of course it’s an abrupt start.But that much is my anger.Yesterday I went to apply passport.There we were made to wait in a a long queue.While waiting, an employee ordered us to have correct proofs in an order and he checked those one by one.When my turn came he told something is wrong and made me sit in a place and fill those details.When I had a doubt I just got up from my place to ask him but a sharp reply came which ordered me to “SIT DOWN”.At last somehow I got in to provide proofs in a counter.After that an official verified my application and he spotted something wrong and told me to apply once again online.When I inquired he just barked at me which still aroused my anger.
I understand that their nature of job necessitates this kind of character.But they should also realize that there are less educated people who are already tensed and uncomfortable with these whole processes and behaving in this manner will again make them entirely out of their control,which attracts further error in their application.
But I don’t think they will realize this and change :-(

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21 January 2010

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