It has been long time since I renewed my blog with a new post.For the past one month it has been a tough time with a lot of uncertainty prevailing in my mind about my future.And now atleast the depth of the uncertainty has been reduced, with my placement in TCS.There were two rounds overall, with apti and interview.I will not say my apti went smooth bcoz again the uncertainty had its foot with my poor performance in verbal section.Quants and logical reasoning was comparatively easy and also were satisfactory.Yet, I was not confident about the result.But it came out positively.Then came the shock that we(3rd batch) were called for the interview on the same day itself, which was unexpected.My interview went for about 20 to 25 minutes.Nothing too techy thing were asked.Just basic questions like how many layers are there in networks,stages of a compiler,multithreading and multitasking and what is cursor in db.Then a couple of HR questions like what you want to be 5 yrs down the lane?Will you work in Gawahati etc. Overall the interview was good.But I confidently said “I did well” only when the results were out :-)

As a tribute to God, me and my friends went to Thiruparankundram temple the next day evening(My first visit to the temple after my admission into my college).We planned to go to a temple which is at the peak of the mountain.We went to the top, almost near to the temple.But since we were running short of time we were not able make it to the temple.But it came out to be a nice experience.The location was good and the birds view of the city enlightened me.So, it was a happy ending :-)

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12 December 2009

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