Yesterday, Nov 14th (children’s day), I was at simmakal searching for a share-auto to return home.At that time I heard a feeble voice which invited me to board their auto as it was making to arasaradi, the place where my home is.The owner of the voice was a small boy, who would have been some 12 years old.He carried out many of the orders made by his employer,the owner of the auto, efficiently, despite many of the criticisms made at him.By that time I was just reminded of children’s day,the day when children should be given the utmost importance.It was very disheartening to see many young minds dumped with workload and confined to a small world when they can touch great heights if they were educated.It’s very frustrating to see a great mind getting wasted directly infront of our vision.But still, we can only be a spectator.People who exploit these budding children for their own benefits should realise this plausible effects and should voluntarily come forward to let these child free, to let them enjoy life,to let them touch great height and finally to let them grow.It’s in the hands of these citizens, trusted as responsible, to build really responsible citizens and of course a team effort makes the target easy to reach.


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15 November 2009

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