We had a very good time with Queensland University of Technology’s professors,Mr.George, Mr.Alan & Mr.Desmond, who had came here to know about our Testbed project,which they were also developing one in their university.Wednesday, only Mr.Desmond came and the next day other two joined him.We had demo of various ongoing projects followed by demo of their Testbed project.

The thing I have to say here is that I was very much attracted towards their way of conversation, which had — “listen.And when the opponent finishes.. Speak”– policy as one of the main ingredients.Many times I have tried to be the one like that, but all the times I have ended up only in failure.Our way of conversation here is mostly of the type — “Ha.I have something to say.Let me flush it out.But the other does not seem to listen!! Na.. leave it.“.Yes,this attitude has to be changed.

It will be a stress creating situation if You don’t hear what the other person is saying and that too when the slang and fluency of their language is entirely different.Yes.The inability of me to understand what they were saying,was more due to their reduced volume of speech than their fluency and slang.I wonder how they all communicate in their country with such a low volume and tone of speech!

The highlight of the two day meeting was the lunch provided in the guest house of our college.We had soup, chapatti,fried rice, south Indian meals,fruit salad, banana and ice cream.Quite a long menu :-) . After having that long lunch, we took some photos with them and after that the meeting lasted for another 2 hours with the arrival of Principal for making some time-lines for work progress.Hmm.Now its time to work, to be aligned with the time-lines framed :-(

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05 October 2009

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