Recently I read about Rajaji, the 1st and last ‘Indian’ Governor General of India.I was really impressed at the elegant life he had lived, with thoughts – rich and evergreen,ideals – stubborn and pure and character – simple but effective.Everyone knows that he was a great freedom fighter India had and also that he led the salt sathyagraha in the south. But many of us don’t know about his knowledge and way of life. Here are some of the comments that have been made by some of the greatest leaders in the world.These have been taken from none other than our information ocean, Wikipedia.

  • President Kennedy had remarked the meeting with this civilian from India, perhaps the only civilian not in power to be invited to White house,as “This meeting had the most civilizing influence on me. Seldom have I heard a case presented with such precision, clarity and elegance of language”.
  • Richard Casey, the Governor of Bengal from 1944 to 1946, regarded him the wisest man in India.
  • President Richard Nixon once had a meeting with this great man and this made him to cite these words in his autobiography – “[that meeting] had such a dramatic effect on me that I used many of his thoughts in my speeches over the next several years.”

Thinking in a deeper sense we can come to know that , though present India possesses great people like Abdul Kalam ,it’s falling short of the persons as great as it had during its past.It is producing less no.of people with such an intellect, ideals and virtues as great Mahatma,Rajaji and Vallabhai Patel.
But who knows,reality will always be in the opposite direction to one’s opinion and likes :-D Lets hope present India also contains these type of great minds, and if it does hopefully it brings them to the notice of the common man like me.

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30 September 2009

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